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The new Oil sheik of Quebec

The Globe and mail - To say that I am a football fan is an overstatement as big as New Orleans’ Superdome, though I’ve always had a soft spot for the San Francisco 49ers. But I gave up on “my team” and on the Super Bowl when the Baltimore Ravens’ lead reached 22 points, and switched to Tout le monde en parle, the talk show that normally rules Quebec airwaves on Sundays.

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Gaspé Mayor François Roussy at odds with Petrolia over oil drilling project

The Star - Montreal - The incessant hum of the generators continues, but the drills, trucks and heavy machinery have returned to their outposts in northern Ontario, Newfoundland and Alberta.

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Pétrolia delays one of its Quebec projects amid opposition

Calgary Herald. A junior oil company will hit the pause button on one of its projects in Quebec, amid local opposition to its exploration plans.

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The blockading culture of the Gaspésie must cease

Gaspé, January 23rd, 2013 - A group of businessmen/women and citizens of the town of Gaspé, who have been watching their regional economy disintegrate, have decided to create an organization who’s name speaks for itself. The “Regroupement pour l’avancement économique de la Gaspésie” will serve as a vehicle of intervention that will assure the harmonious development of all economic related files.ockading culture of the Gaspésie must cease

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