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Depleted Well
Unproductive well or one not permitting profitable development of petroleum.

Dry Gas
Natural gas taken from a well almost entirely lacking in liquid hydrocarbons; also designates a processed gas.

Geographic zone composed of one or several deposits of hydrocarbons and sharing the same infrastructure or a common infrastructure.

Subterranean layer composed essentially of the same rock or rocks of the same type and thickness.

Operation consisting of pumping special fluids under pressure into the well in order to crack the producing layer and with the goal of facilitating the flow of fluids from the reservoir to the well.

Sensor that detects sounds in the field of seismic surveys.

Science concerned with the physical features and phenomena of the Earth.

A big family of organic compounds existing in liquid, solid or gaseous form and composed solely of carbon and hydrogen, the basis of all petroleum products.

Light Crude Petroleum
Petroleum of low density in the liquid state that flows easily at the ambient temperature.

P&A (plugged and abandoned)
Conversion of a drilled well to present no danger to the environment or to supply drinking water, while leaving it indefinitely without further attention.

Property of a rock reservoir allowing fluids to pass through easily; predisposition of such a migration.

Volume of space (pores) in the rock, likely to have absorbed petroleum and gas (as a sponge absorbs water); open or empty space in the rock.

Compact sedimentary rock composed mainly of quartz and feldspar. Common, it encloses accumulations of petroleum, natural gas or water.

Sedimentary Rock
Rock formed by the accumulation of sediments or organic materials and, consequently, likely to contain hydrocarbons.

Seismic Surveys
Method of gathering and recording shock waves emitted and reflected from subterranean rock layers with a view to creating detailed models.

Porous and permeable rock surmounted and delimited by impermeable, non-porous rock, hindering the migration of petroleum and gas that accumulate there.


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