Haldimand 1


Increased Production from the Haldimand 1 Well

Press release - Rimouski, February 6, 2012: Pétrolia (TSXV: PEA) is pleased to confirm that it has successfully completed the injectivity test at Haldimand No.1 well. Designed to measure the rock’s mechanical properties, the test has also enabled Pétrolia to boost the well’s production from 10 to 40 barrels per day. The increase confirms that the production from the field is supported by a network of natural fractures present in the reservoir and that, as a result, it is important to optimize the trajectory for the next well. That trajectory will make it possible to intercept the greatest possible number of natural fracture zones in the reservoir and maximize production. The result can also be interpreted as a correction to the damage to the well, resulting from the injectivity test.

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Ongoing completion work on Pétrolia's three wells

Press release - Québec, April 15, 2010 - Pétrolia announces that completion and evaluation work is still in progress at the Tar Point No 1, Haldimand No 1, and Haldimand No 2 wells, located in the Gaspé region of Quebec. In accordance with the Company's information policy, Pétrolia looks forward to releasing the results as soon as it has completed and interpreted its analyses.

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Pétrolia commits itself for two wells

Press release - September 3, 2009, Quebec // The Petrolia Corporation (TSX-V: PEA) announces that it has definitively entered its drilling phase. Drilling equipment with a depth capacity of 3,600 meters is already on its way to Gaspé and, depending on results, should remain in place for the next year.

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Pétrolia, Junex and Gastem Announce the Start of Operations at Haldimand

Press release - July 8, 2008- Quebec City (Quebec)// Pétrolia (TSXV:PEA), Junex (TSXV:JNX) and Gastem (TSXV:GMR) are pleased to announce the resumption of operations at the Haldimand oil discovery. The objective of these operations is to delineate the extent of productive zones identified in the Pétrolia Haldimand No.1 well. Estimated to cost approximately $5 million, these will consist of three distinct phases: performing analyses and tests on the Pétrolia Haldimand No. 1 well, acquisition of 3D seismic data, and, finally, the drilling of a second well targeting the productive zones identified in the previous well. The technical committee, composed of representatives from each company, collaborated in developing this program by pooling the three companies’ independent studies. Junex, as operator, will execute the operations for the Pétrolia-Junex-Gastem partnership.

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The partners of Petrolia-Haldimand #1 (Gaspé, Québec) announces the results of the pressure build-up test

Press release - June the 27th 2006– Pétrolia (PEA : TSXV), Junex (JNX : TSXV) and Gastem (GMR : TSXV) are pleased to announce that the pressure build-up tests have been completed successfully in the Petrolia-Haldimand #1 well.

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Successful production test on Haldimand # 1 discovery well – 40 barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) 1 per day of wich 34 barrels is light oil

Press release - May 10 2006–Pétrolia (PEA : TSXV), Junex (JNX : TSXV) and Gastem (GMR : TSXV) are pleased to announce that the Haldimand #1 well reached a stabilized production level of 34 barrels of light oil per day over the last 10 days. A total of 491 barrels of oil were produced from the well during the recent 15-day production test. The Haldimand #1 well is located 2 Kms from the Gaspe harbour, at the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula.

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Haldimand # 1 well produces 156 barrels of oil in premiliary 70-hour test

Press release - March 29 2006– Junex (JNX : TSXV), Pétrolia (PEA : TSXV) and Gastem (GMR : TSXV) are pleased to announce that they have successfully completed preliminary zone testing on the Haldimand #1 well.

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Pétrolia Starts Pumping Tests on Haldimand #1

Press release - Rimouski – March 7, 2006 - Pétrolia (PEA: TSX-V) announces that drilling on Haldimand #1 has reached its target at a depth of 1,434 metres. Geophysical logs carried out revealed several porous accumulation zones that would explain the oil shows during drilling. As you may recall, approximately seventy-two barrels of oil were recovered while drilling Haldimand #1, situated a few kilometres from the Gaspe Port.

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Petrolia deepens the Haldimand No. 1 well to 1,500 metres

Press release - Rimouski, February 22, 2006 - Petrolia (PEA: TSX-V) has decided to continue its drilling operations on the Petrolia-Haldimand No.1 well to a depth of 1,500 metres, which is 300 metres further than what had been initially planned.

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Haldimand#1 well produces oil while drilling continues

Press release - Rimouski, February 7 2006 - Petrolia (PEA : TSX-V) announces that the Haldiman#1 well is producing oil while it is being drilled. 6,000 litres were produced over a period of 7 days, equivalent to 5 barrels per day. This oil production appears to be associated with a reservoir zone at a depth of 960 metres. The well seems to have penetrated an over-pressurized zone of permeable rocks containing gas, salt water and oil.

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Exploration logbook

General Haldimand 1 Haldimand 2 Haldimand 4

The steps

  • 1 Geology
  • 2 3D seismic
  • 3 Exploratory drilling
  • 4 Analysis work
  • 5 Resource calculation
  • 6 Confirmation drilling
  • 7 Profitability study
  • 8 Creating the development plan
  • 9 Municipal and residential consultation
  • 10 Potential public hearings
  • 11 Product lease application
  • 12 Development

Some news about Pétrolia


Petrolia files a Superior Court motion against the Town of Gaspé

Press release. Rimouski, April 24, 2013: Pétrolia (PEA-TSXV) announced that earlier today it has filed a motion for declaratory judgment with the Quebec Superior Court. 

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1 TCF (thousand billion cubic feet) of wet natural gas in a conventional reservoir at Bourque (Quebec)

Press release. Rimouski, April 10th, 2013: Pétrolia (PEA-TSXV) is pleased  to disclose the results of a resource evaluation carried out by Sproule Associates Limited (Sproule) which estimates more than 1 Tcf (one thousand billion cubic feet) the volume initially-in-place of wet natural...

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Various administrative changes

Press release. Rimouski, March 5, 2013: Pétrolia (PEA-TSXV) is announcing that pursuant to its compensation policy and stock option plan, as at March 1, 2013, Pétrolia’s board of directors awarded 75,000 stock options to each of its two newly elected directors at an exercise price of...

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