The Haldimand 4 Well will showcase the full range of expertise developed by the two project partners, Pétrolia and Québénergie.

In July 2010 Québénergie partnered with Pétrolia to produce the Haldimand deposit. The 50–50 partnership agreement covers the Haldimand deposit and provides for development of the petroleum potential of an area of almost 2,500 km2  on the Gaspé Peninsula.

Both partners share a vision: developing the Gaspé Peninsula’s oil reserves in a manner that respects the social and environmental characteristics of the community. The partnership has not only sped up work, it has also led to important technical advancements that have enabled us to better understand the oil pool.

Québénergie is a subsidiary of SCDM, a Paris-based company that produces gas deposits and holds oil rights in Newfoundland and Labrador and on the Gaspé Peninsula.

Local Partners

In the eyes of Pétrolia and Québénergie, our projects are successful only when they translate into success for the whole region. From the outset, Pétrolia’s commitment to hiring locally has created work for local companies with the skills needed for the Haldimand project. This means local people are recruited to fill as many of our requirements as possible. It goes without saying that as the project progresses, demand for human resources will increase to match.

Experienced Quebec drillers have already been hired by Precision Drilling, especially for work on the Bourque project. Pétrolia’s goal is to employ more Quebecers than foreign and out-of-province workers on our worksites over the next few years.

In addition to highly skilled positions for oil-industry professionals, Pétrolia hires locally for food, security, welding, transport, and logistics services. In every region it operates in Pétrolia is committed to

  • Building business relationships
  • Fostering knowledge transfer to local workers by
    • Training work teams that respect practices in line with our social and environmental commitments
    • Including contract clauses encouraging subcontractors to hire locally