Our vision

Pétrolia, a responsible Quebec oil company

Our values
Pétrolia is proud of its origins and makes every effort to strengthen its roots in Quebec and maintain project and shareholder control.

Social and environmental concerns are at the center of Pétrolia's interests and approach to oil exploration.

We use the best technologies available and follow the highest industry standards for safety and environmental protection. Pétrolia is unafraid to innovate in search of new ways of working that are adapted to the needs of the field.

Transparency in its relationship with local communities is another of Pétrolia's core values. Our actions and sponsorships support entrepreneurship, education, culture, and more.

Our positions
Pétrolia has interests spanning a territory of over 14,000 km2 in eastern Quebec, representing 70% to 80% of the areas with oil potential in the province. As such, Pétrolia is the undisputed leader in oil exploration in Quebec.

This is an opportunity to create wealth and allow Quebecers to prepare for the future by harnessing this potential in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Pétrolia firmly believes that oil from here can be produced by and for the people of Quebec, so everyone in the province benefits. Building an oil industry of our own is within our reach.