Our sponsorships

The social and environmental dimensions of Pétrolia’s exploration work are central to its concerns. This is why the company invests in the communities it operates in.

We’re determined to offer local young people an environment conducive to their personal growth and improved prospects for the future. To do so, we’ve made it a priority to support youth-oriented projects: we feel youth are a vital asset that it’s up to us to invest in. Examples of our involvement with youth include funding for a Gaspé schoolyard revitalization project and extracurricular activities.

Arts and culture are the second priority of our sponsorship program, as they are the basis of regional identity and a crucial factor in fostering a sense of belonging. Our involvement goes hand-in-hand with our desire to contribute to harmonious community development.

Pétrolia also gives every one of its employees  $400 every year, to donate to the good cause of their choice.

The List of Regional Projects Supported by Pétrolia* 

Sponsorships, 2012 Fiscal Year

Caravansérail, Chambre de Commerce et de Tourisme de Gaspé, Chambre de commerce MRC Bonaventure, scholarships, Club Kiwanis, Saint-Paul School, Saint-Rosaire School Foundation, Gaspé Performance Hall, Gaspé Marché des découvertes, Maison d'entraide Arc-en-ciel Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pécheurs, Fondation du centre jeunesse Gaspésie/Les Îles, Gaspésie Gourmande, Fondation Guy Chevrette, Fondation universitaire du Québec à Rimouski, Rimouski artisans, R.A.P.H, Moisson Québec, Scènes contemporaines, La Chapelle, and more. 

Total: $38,321

Sponsorships, 2011 Fiscal Year 

Rotary Club, Red Cross, Fondation du centre jeunesse Gaspésie/Les Îles, Fondation Guy Chevrette, Fondation pour le saumon du Grand Gaspé, Fondation Université du Québec à Rimouski, Maison d’entraide Arc-en-ciel, Musée de la Gaspésie, R.A.P.H, and more.

Total: $6,950 

Sponsorships, 2010 Fiscal Year

Festival Musique du bout du monde de Gaspé, Fondation du CSSS Côte-de-Gaspé, Fondation pour le saumon du Grand Gaspé, CREGIM (Imaginons le Québec sans pétrole), donation to the Anticosti Island curling club and youth center, and more.

Total: $19,325 

*The above list includes only Pétrolia’s donations in the last three years. We also lent our support to numerous projects prior to 2010.