Our roots
Who we are

Originally from Abitibi, André Proulx, Pétrolia’s president, lived in several different parts of Quebec before eventually settling in Rimouski, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. Rimouski is also the birthplace of Pétrolia.

Pétrolia's story began in 2003, when Mr. Proulx and a group of friends—all of whom worked in mining exploration—decided to prospect for oil in the Gaspé region. Reality caught up them, though, and they soon realized they would be unable to finance the work and statutory work obligations. Faced with the high cost of petroleum exploration, the group quickly had to find new sources of financing. Pétrolia thus went public in 2005, an offer that gave all Quebeckers a chance to buy shares in the company.

The discovery of Haldimand in 2006 launched the business into a period of growth that continues to this day. Together with Mr. Proulx’s visionary outlook, the idea that Quebec would one day produce its own oil has made the company Quebec’s leader in petroleum exploration.

Successful exploration has led the company to expand its team. From three employees in 2006, Pétrolia now has a staff of 16 working to ensure that one day, Quebeckers can fill their cars with gasoline produced in Quebec.

Control and partnership
Pétrolia puts a great deal of effort into being a responsible Quebec company of stature. Its strategy centres on maintaining control of each of its exploration licenses, right up until the development of the resource. To us, this natural wealth must remain in the hands of Quebeckers.

Pétrolia is always on the lookout for partners with the financial and technical resources to invest in its undertakings. Above and beyond these criteria, however, the company places great importance on its partners’ values: environmental conservation and maintaining positive community relations must be priorities for them.

Producing oil from here, by the people here, for here: this is our core concern.