History of exploration

A region with a rich history of oil exploration

Oil exploration first began in the Gaspé Peninsula in 1836, when locals discovered oil seeping out of the ground (suintement). Even today, this phenomenon can be observed in a number of spots in the region, on the cliffs and right on the ground.

Starting in 1860, the people of Gaspésie regularly dug wells, happy to have a source of oil near home for their personal use.

It was not until 1884, however, that a number of scientific and government reports identified the existence of oil in the region. In addition, the complex geology of the Gaspé Peninsula and the technology available at the time meant that the resource could not be developed on a commercial scale. Now, due to modern equipment and the high cost of oil imports, Pétrolia believes that it is not only possible, but desirable, for Quebeckers to produce their own oil.

The Bourque project is located on forested Crown land, midway between Murdochville and Grande-Vallée, in the heart of Gaspésie. To learn more about the region and its municipalities:

Murdochville: http://www.murdochville.com

Grande-Vallée: http://www.grande-vallee.ca/en/index.php

Gaspé Peninsula: http:/www.gaspesieilesdelamadeleine.gouv.qc.ca (French only)