Responsible exploration

The Bourque project is extremely important to us because of its tremendous potential. If the preliminary exploratory drilling process yields positive results, that discovery could lead to the production of large quantities of oil. We are Quebec’s leader in petroleum exploration and we intend to lay the groundwork for a sustainable, responsible industry.

At Pétrolia, we firmly believe that Quebec’s natural wealth is a public good.

To us, developing this resource should benefit society as a whole. 

Our role is twofold: we must acquire the expertise to ensure responsible resource development, and we must work closely with local communities to both minimize and manage any environmental impact. We seek to generate benefits not just for shareholders, but for all Quebeckers.

Conventional drilling

The Bourque site is located on forested Crown land midway between Murdochville and Grande-Vallée. It is a conventional drilling project consisting of excellent reservoir rocks, consisting of reefs. Because of their porosity and permeability, reefs can harbour a large volume of oil that is easy to extract.

Pétrolia will drill two conventional wells in two separate target areas of the same reef complex. The objective is to confirm the presence of oil, and the feasibility of going into production. From design through implementation, each step of the drilling program will be validated by experts to ensure we meet all of our legal obligations.

In terms of environmental safety, Pétrolia abides by the principle of caution. As a responsible Quebec company, we are always on the lookout for best practices, the newest findings and the latest studies, so that we can carry out our projects according to the very highest standards.

For more information on the work that will be carried out this summer, consult the Project section of this Web site.

Involving the community

Pétrolia has been in the Gaspé region for seven years now. From the start, we have taken various steps to keep communication channels open with the local community, and we fully intend to continue. We have one clear-cut objective: to produce, but in a responsible manner.

We believe that our success will depend on our ability to properly integrate into the region. To do so, we must abide by three golden rules: upholding transparency; maintaining a constant presence in the community; and, most importantly, delivering on our commitments. We will issue regular updates, not just to provide you with information, but also to hear your views.

One of our priorities is to have a positive impact on the Gaspé community by creating jobs, training workers, awarding contracts to local businesses and supporting projects that matter to the community. The way we see it, the success of our projects must be synonymous with the region's success.

To find out more about steps Pétrolia has taken and will take to involve the community, consult the Community section of this Web site.