Pétrolia’s vision is clear: our projects are successful only when they translate into success for the whole region. From the outset, our commitment to hiring locally has been part of our model of harmonious development.

In keeping with our hiring policy, qualified local companies will be hired to work on the Bourque Project. This is Pétrolia’s way of making sure that local people are recruited to fill as many of our needs as possible. It goes without saying that as the project progresses the need for human resources will increase apace.

So far, experienced Quebec drillers have been hired by Precision Drilling. Drillers from the Gaspé Peninsula have also had the opportunity to apply to work on exploratory drilling over the next six months. Pétrolia’s goal is to employ more Quebecers than foreign and out-of-province workers on our worksites.

In addition to highly skilled positions for oil-industry professionals, Pétrolia has numerous other needs to be meet, and is always looking for seasoned local partners. We are currently hiring locally for food, security, welding, transport, and logistics services. A finalized comprehensive listing of jobsite positions held by workers from the Gaspé Peninsula will be available at a later date.

In every region we operate in Pétrolia is committed to:

  • Building business relationships;
  • Fostering knowledge transfer to local workers by;
    • Training work teams that respect practices in line with our social and environmental commitments;
    • Including contract clauses encouraging subcontractors to hire locally.