Our initiatives

Environmental protection is at the heart of Pétrolia’s concerns and extends far beyond legislative standards set by the ministries. This concern is demonstrated in its efforts to stay abreast of current international research and the latest findings and seek out the best technologies on the market, to uphold the highest standards when carrying out projects.

Pétrolia applies this same outlook to both its initiatives and its commitments. With the Bourque project, for instance, we integrated some recommendations from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation into our drilling program. The aim of this was to improve groundwater protection by taking particularly strict precautions during the cementing process.

The company also initiated the hydrogeological assessment of Gaspé’s Haldimand peninsula, led by the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS). While this was not required by law or by local authorities, proceeding in this manner serves as an important precautionary measure for Pétrolia, given the Haldimand project’s proximity to a number of residences.

Lastly, Pétrolia is taking steps to harmoniously integrate its Anticosti Island operations into the local community. To that end, it supports the efforts of Université Laval’s Anticosti Chair to determine the impact of exploration on the habitat of whitetail deer.